Party Pants

Tis the season y’all! For uncharacteristically bright colored trousers that make me feel so fab! I spotted these lace up detail trousers on sale in Topshop and immediately thought to wear it to holiday events this year because the color is not your average Christmassy red, but still has the right amount of festive spirit. […]

Mock Turtleneck Sweater

Just when I thought the weather was getting sunny and warm, it decided to rain this weekend here in Austin (rolls eyes 😐 ). I wanted to dress casual to run some errands, and my go-to sweater for this kind of weather is this mock turtleneck, which is quite shapeless but sooo comfy. You know those […]

Faux Fur Friday

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week so far. It was my first week as a full-time working woman, and it felt good to be back to a routine after the holidays. Yup, I’m one of those people that loves routine 🙂 Austin’s temperatures dropped this week, so it was the perfect time […]