Springtime Dresses With Zaful

Spring is coming up and particularly here in Austin, the weather is starting to get a lot warmer than the past couple months, so I thought I’d curate a list of dresses that are appropriate for the upcoming season. I’d pair these with my lightweight jackets and ankle boots for the perfect pre-spring look! I […]

10 Valentine’s Date Ideas

Hi everyone! In keeping with the theme of my last two posts, today I’m sharing V-Day date ideas. I have included Austin-specific recommendations, but I hope it gives you some options for what to do regardless of where you live 🙂 Valentine’s Day Dinner With Your S.O. (Upscale): The classic Valentine’s Day dinner date is […]

Coach Crosby Mini Carryall – Review

Happy Monday! I got a new purse late last year – the white Coach Crosby Mini Carryall so I decided to review it after having carrying it around for a couple weeks. I’ve loved using it as my everyday bag, and although it is the mini version, it fits everything that I used to carry […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – Him & Her

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Valentine’s Day 2018 gift guide. I put a lot of thought into it and each of these items is something I’d love to receive (I’ve tried all of the perfumes for “her” myself and I 100% recommend!). I hope you find the perfect gift or get inspired to shop for […]

Valentine’s Day With Gamiss

It’s never too early to figure out your outfit for an occasion like Valentine’s Day 2018 so when Gamiss reached out to me, I thought I’d look for affordable dress options as well as valentine’s gifts. A lot of people tend to wear red dresses, but I thought I’d switch things up a little and pick […]

Post Christmas Sales With Zaful

Hi guys! The holidays are over, but the sales aren’t! If you didn’t have a chance to find good deals for yourself during the Christmas time, here are some of my picks from Zaful‘s post Christmas sales 2017. I’ve styled a few of their pieces myself in my last few blog posts and I love […]

Happy New Year + The Iyer Order Awards 2017!

Happy 2018! I hope you guys have a wonderful year! I decided to recap some of my highlights from the past year in terms of my favorite blog posts and clothing pieces – welcome to “The Iyer Order Awards 2017!”. I hope you enjoy! 🙂 Most Viewed Blog Post: AllSaints Ikuya Clutch – Review (shop HERE) This […]

Fashion Blogging in 2017 – What I’ve Learnt

It’s been one year (on the 22nd) since I started The Iyer Order! I’m so thrilled that I’ve been consistent at it despite having gone through the most difficult year of my life for a lot of reasons (yes, this year sucked despite my happy Instagram captions). I’ve learnt so much about the business side of […]

How to Find the Perfect OTK Boots

The struggle to find the right over-the-knee boots has been real but I finally found the one! So I decided to share my pros and cons with each pair I tried, from my most to least fave pair to help you make a good choice if you’re looking for one. The One – Thelma Over-The-Knee Boot […]

Holiday Gift Guide

Hi guys! Welcome to my budget friendly holiday gift guide. I got the idea for this post because it was something I had to do this past week. My company is having a corporate retreat this month and we’re playing White Elephant and we’re each required to bring a gift under $25! I found the […]