About Me

Hi! I am Akshaya Iyer (AK-sha-yah EYE-yer). I started this blog as a way to document my everyday outfits. Putting together pieces of clothing has never been a struggle for me – I even plan outfits weeks in advance in my head as a way to relax and unwind!

I started taking outfit photos a few years ago with the help of friends and family (thanks mom!) when I was inspired by the fashion blogger era on Instagram. I then created my own Instagram and started to post my outfits there as a fun creative outlet during my undergraduate years in Bangalore, India (my hometown 🙂 ). In August 2015, I made a big life transition – I moved half way across the world to America, the land of opportunity! I came to the beautiful city of Austin, Texas for graduate school at UT (proud Longhorn 🙂 ). After I graduated this past December, I realized that I finally had some free time to turn my obsession for a perfectly curated outfit inspiration Instagram into a personal style blog!

I am by no means a fashion expert, but I decided that my love for styling a college-girl-on-a-budget closet with my personal flare was a good enough excuse to embark on this blogging journey. I frequently get asked questions on my outfit details from friends and even strangers, which encouraged me to put myself out there and start a personal style blog. I have a very strong fear of failure, so buying my website’s domain name in itself was a step towards the right direction in conquering those fears. Worst case, I’ll have a website to browse through to make sure I’m not repeating my outfits! 😉

While I hope to pursue blogging full-time one day, for now, I’ll be working as a Project Management Consultant in Austin from January 2017. And since I’m no longer in school (no homework – yay!), I plan on spending a majority of my free time creating great content for The Iyer Order. Speaking of which, I named my blog The Iyer Order as a play on The Higher Order, but with my last name!

Some of my favorite bloggers who inspire me everyday are the content creators of Thrifts and Threads, Blank Itinerary, The Chriselle Factor, Sazan Hendrix, The Darling Detail, Sincerely Jules, Barefoot Blonde, Song of Style, among many others. I especially admire Brittany Xavier of Thrifts and Threads, who has a great series on how to start a blog – which was basically my guide to starting this blog.

A great outfit isn’t created with a bunch of high end pieces, it’s created by pieces that make you feel most confident. I don’t own a single designer bag (yet!), but when I know my outfit works, I feel like a million bucks regardless. I hope to inspire you to play around with your existing wardrobe and perhaps create looks that you might have not considered before. Thank you for your support!