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by Akshaya Iyer

10 Valentine’s Date Ideas

Hi everyone! In keeping with the theme of my last two posts, today I’m sharing V-Day date ideas. I have included Austin-specific recommendations, but I hope it gives you some options for what to do regardless of where you live 🙂

  1. Valentine’s Day Dinner With Your S.O. (Upscale): The classic Valentine’s Day dinner date is always a good idea especially if you have someone special to share it with. My recommendations in Austin are Le Politique, Launderette, Mattie’s, Eberly and Juliet.
  2. Valentine’s Day Dinner With Your S.O. (Affordable/Student-Budget-Friendly): Nothing wrong with being in love on a student budget because it’s not and never should be about the money! I’d recommend going to a food truck, a small restaurant near campus where you have a lot of memories together (if you’re a student) or even your favorite fast food place! My recommendations in Austin are Dee Dee, Shake Shack, Hopdoddy, Thai How Are You and Koriente.
  3. Dessert Only: If your S.O. has a major sweet tooth, take them out for a dessert tasting experience! V-Day is also cheat day, duh. My recommendations in Austin are Churro Co., Cow Tipping Creamery, Ice Scrapers, Prohibition Creamery, Halcyon (for their indoor s’mores), CRU Wine Bar (for their chocolate fondue), Cold Cookie Company and Moojo.
  4. Cook Dinner For Your S.O.: Make your significant other feel special by inviting them home and cooking dinner. It gives you a chance to showcase your culinary skills and is not what they might expect! You do run the risk of making a crappy dinner though haha so I’d be careful and practice cooking before committing to it. I still think the effort put into it is such a sweet gesture! And you get to decorate your home with classic V-Day essentials like roses and candles.
  5. Celebrate The Day/Weekend After V-Day: If celebrating on the night of V-Day is not that important to you, skip the crowds, reservations and BS prices on the V-Day dinner menu and celebrate the next night, or the weekend after or before V-Day! After all, celebrating V-Day to me is more about getting in the spirit of the holiday as opposed to loving someone on a particular day.
  6. Take Your S.O. On A Trip: Spoil your significant other with a Valentine’s weekend trip – either a road trip to a small town near where you live, or visit a totally different city, perhaps one that they’ve been wanting to visit for a while!
  7. Night At The Museum: If you and your S.O. are the museum type, spend an evening perusing your favorite art installations in your city or any other type of museum you’re into. I love a good learning experience – either visually appealing or culturally enriching. And of course, after that take them out to dinner!
  8. Celebrate With Your Girlfriends: For the perfect girl’s night, make reservations at your favorite restaurant, but don’t spend extra money on dessert (they’re overpriced on V-Day anyway, ain’t nobody got money for that). Instead, go to your local grocery store, get a tub of Ben n Jerry’s and stuff your faces at home watching a romantic comedy or a standup show on Netflix! (I highly recommend Chris D’Elia)
  9. Celebrate By Spreading Love: Instead of opting to do something exclusive for your love, do something for the community! There are tons of volunteering opportunities as there’s always a non-profit organization that could use some help. Spend Valentine’s Day with underprivileged children, the elderly, animal shelters or homeless shelters. I love the inner peace and happiness I feel whenever I volunteer my time, so why not spread some love on V-Day!
  10. Spa Night At Home: Finally, if you just don’t feel like interacting with other human beings on V-Day (like me on a lot of days) because let’s face it – no one’s as fabulous as you are, spend a night in taking care of yourself. Do the little things you’d like to do on a regular basis but don’t because life gets in the way. Take a long bath, actually use body scrub to scrub your body and not as a decorative item on your bathtub, light candles and read a book, put on a face mask, eat cake for dinner, watch Netflix until 2am and regret it the following morning before work – whatever makes YOU happy! 🙂

Regardless of how you celebrate, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love and happiness!

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