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by Akshaya Iyer

Coach Crosby Mini Carryall – Review

Happy Monday! I got a new purse late last year – the white Coach Crosby Mini Carryall so I decided to review it after having carrying it around for a couple weeks. I’ve loved using it as my everyday bag, and although it is the mini version, it fits everything that I used to carry in my Versace Palazzo Empire (review HERE). I also love how it looks quite high end for the price.

The quality of the leather is really nice, and I like that it has a tag with the brand on it. The hardware being gold is another reason I like the bag since I wear a lot of gold jewelry, and I really like the small gold Coach branding. The sides of the bag can be folded in and made smaller, but I like them pointing outwards. I usually never wear the strap, but it’s nice to have the option when my hands are full. Something that stood out to me is that the bag is so lightweight, and it doesn’t hurt when I hold the bag on my arm in comparison to other bags I own.

Overall, I recommend the bag 100%! It is such a good value for the price and it works well with casual and dressy outfits.


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