The Iyer Order

by Akshaya Iyer

Fashion Blogging in 2017 – What I’ve Learnt

It’s been one year (on the 22nd) since I started The Iyer Order! I’m so thrilled that I’ve been consistent at it despite having gone through the most difficult year of my life for a lot of reasons (yes, this year sucked despite my happy Instagram captions). I’ve learnt so much about the business side of fashion blogging and while I am yet to invest into my blog, it’s got me thinking about the future of TIO.

Before I embarked on my journey as a blogger, I saw this world from the perspective of the consumer – I was the girl that followed other bloggers and took in all their great photos, content and products that were being marketed everyday. I knew that I wanted to start blogging myself because I knew that my style was unique and I had a voice of my own. I thought I could grab a niche in the market for myself by being original, integral and true to myself. WRONG!

Unfortunately, after being in this business part time for more than a year now, I’ve come to the harsh realization that a lot of what we (consumers) see online is a result of bloggers using alternate ways to achieve higher engagement (likes, comments, followers) on all their platforms such as their blog, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. There are tons of bloggers who use botting to promote their Instagram (great article about botting HERE). I have been reached out by more than 50 companies that offered to get me likes and followers for a minimal fee. There are bloggers who openly use such methods and I’m confused about whether this is considered ethical nowadays.

I’ve even been part of a “comment pod” just for the experience – a comment pod is when a bunch of bloggers make a comment thread and like and comment on each others photos. I’m part of one with 6-7 bloggers. Apparently there are bloggers who solely survive on this kind of engagement. Unfortunately, I feel like brands might not recognize true engagement from consumers versus falsified ways to achieve higher likes and comments on Instagram that are commonplace now.

And this isn’t just on Instagram. Even blog comments are easy to achieve, as long as you have the time to comment on other blogs. I’ve seen bloggers with low quality posts and photos with 50 comments (are you kidding me?). I wonder if I’m just being harsh, because it is so obvious to me that these comments are manufactured, not organic. It’s kind of like you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours with bloggers that comment on each other’s posts. The same holds true for other platforms like Bloglovin’ and Pinterest. The reason that this kind of  promotion is necessary now is perhaps because of the sheer number of bloggers out there.

Anyhow, despite all the quirks that exist in fashion blogging, I’ve decided to continue and pursue my passion for personal style and writing because it makes me happy! And I think as long as that is true, I’ll continue blogging in my own way regardless of how difficult the path is. I strongly believe that this is the reason I’ve had quite a few brand affiliations and sponsored posts despite having a relatively small following. I truly appreciate you guys that follow my blog and trust that I only promote items that I would wear myself! 🙂

I know this post was different from my usual, but I hope you enjoyed my honest thoughts!



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  1. So true! I also feel sometimes that Some people have low quality content but so many likes and comments.
    But as long as , You enjoy what you do ! That’s matters
    I love your posts as everything you present is affordable for college students as well as for recent graduates (as I am going to be :p)

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