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by Akshaya Iyer

How to Find the Perfect OTK Boots

The struggle to find the right over-the-knee boots has been real but I finally found the one! So I decided to share my pros and cons with each pair I tried, from my most to least fave pair to help you make a good choice if you’re looking for one.

The One – Thelma Over-The-Knee Boot

The Thelma is the one I finally decided on keeping after trying several pairs primarily because of how it fit my calves. Every other boot would slide down my legs as I walked around and that is the opposite of what I want in an OTK boot. I would 100% recommend this one if you have skinny calves like me and don’t want to deal with the hassle of tying a knot on the top to cinch your boot in. The heel is the perfect height for everyday.

Asos Karma Pointy Over-The-Knee Boots

These were a very close competitor to the Thelma. They held up my calves pretty well and also did not have a tie at the back which made it super convenient. The only reason I picked the Thelma over this one is because the toe was a tiny bit more pointed in Thelma which I really liked. But I would definitely recommend this one especially since it is more affordable too!

Asos Katcher Heeled Over-The-Knee Boots

I wore these all around Boston during my trip there and while they looked absolutely killer with the pointed toe and tall chunky heel, they had the issue of sliding down my legs because the tie on top would never be tight enough and would loosen throughout the day as I walked. However, I’d recommend it in terms of quality and price point – and they could work for you if they fit your legs better and if you’re not going to be walking around all day!

River Island Over The Knee Contrast Heel Flat Boots

These boots were one of my favorites in terms of how they fit my calves. I thought that they’d be the one – until the tie literally broke off on the second day of wearing them. I expected better quality from River Island and considering they are one of the more expensive ones, I was disappointed. I’d give them the benefit of doubt and consider mine to have been a faulty piece, so I’d still recommend trying them out if you’re more of a flat boot kind of girl.

Asos Kasba Flat Over The Knee Boots

These went straight back into the packaging as soon as I pulled them out – I did not even try them on fully. The main reason was that it just looked a little too inexpensive, kind of like a flat black shoe with some cloth stitched on top of it. It is however very affordable and if you’re not as picky as I am, I’d give it a shot.

I hope you found this useful and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about buying the right pair of over-the-knee boots!


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