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by Akshaya Iyer

Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

It’s officially time to begin Holiday-centric posts. Tbh, I’m late to the party already. For my first Christmassy post, I wanted to help you guys pick a funny yet cute Holiday trend – the ugly holiday sweater. Nothing says Christmas spirit quite like wearing pom-poms on yourself or a reindeer whose nose lights up!

So apparently the ugly christmas sweater trend was made popular by Bill Cosby in the early 80s – which explains why there are so many sweaters with his face on them (lol). However, lately the trend has even made its way to the runway, and fast fashion retailers like H&M, Forever 21 and Simple-dress, an online store that prides themselves on the UGLIEST sweaters of all! Haha. My tips on picking out a sweater for such an occasion would be to find a cheap one because chances are that you will only wear it once. No point searching for a high quality knit when the comical aspect of it is more important!

Click on over to shop your favorite one from Simple-dress and get ready before you’re invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party:

For the dog lover – dashing through the snow with your beloved dachshund

For the romantic – nothing like wearing Mr. and Mrs. Santa to say you believe in love

For the nerd – gotta love a nerdy snowman and pray that he helps you get through finals week

For the statement girl – nothing says obnoxious like pom-poms on your sweater

For the cutesy girl – the 3 dimensional bow on the little reindeer is a winner

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