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by Akshaya Iyer

How to Pick a Saree if You’re a Neutrals Girl

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Hi! I figured it was finally time for a blog post with a saree, and what better time than when I’m home in India (with my mom to help me put it on, lol). I love the timeless beauty and grace that comes with wearing a saree.

Growing up as a South Indian, I’ve had to go saree shopping for a variety of occasions like graduations, weddings & Indian festivals. So I figured for this post, I’d talk about how I select the right saree for me as I tend to gravitate towards neutrals. I struggle with picking out Indian outfits because I’m not a fan of bright and colorful clothing. Bright pink? Neon yellow? Whaaa. Lol. No judgement if you’re someone that can rock those colors, but here’s what I look for in a saree that is traditional, yet fits with my aesthetic:

  • Base Colors: gold, black, white, cream
  • Accent Colors: red, magenta, deep purple, maroon, dark green, navy (& any other base color)
  • Border: gold (I don’t wear silver)
  • Fabric: raw silk, Mysore silk, Tussar silk, Kanchipuram silk, silk-cotton
  • Embellishments: preferably along the border, minimal across the body
  • Blouse: playing up the accent color, designed modern / traditional depending on the occasion
  • Draping: I always wear the pallu with defined pleats – I don’t like it draped across my shoulder!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my ethnic style! Let me know what kind of saree you like if you’re Indian πŸ™‚

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  1. Akshaya, you look absolutely stunning in this saree; the color combination is superb. Also, I think your jimikki looks great too πŸ˜ƒ. I hope you feel better soon! BTW, I think Kanchipuram silk sarees are the best.

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