The Iyer Order

by Akshaya Iyer

Playa del Carmen – Part 2

If you ever take a trip to Cancun or Playa del Carmen, I highly recommend a trip to the Puerto Adventuras area. We had 4 hours on this boat, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea with beautiful views of the ocean and clear water to jump into! It was so much fun dancing in sync to Macarena while munching on copious amounts of tortilla chips and salsa 🙂

Later that evening, I came across this beautiful gelato place on 5th Avenue – definitely worth the 69 pesos per scoop!

I spent Sunday primarily street shopping on 5th Avenue to buy something memorable. The options were endless – flower crowns, leather bags, dream catchers, cute crop tops and even fish pedicure stands! I ended up getting myself a beautiful sugar skull mug and a sombrero fridge magnet for my mom 🙂

I wore this romper on Sunday while shopping and on the flight back to Austin. It worked well for the humid weather in Playa as well as gloomy Austin with a cardigan thrown on top.

If you’re planning a trip to Playa del Carmen, here’s a small checklist I put together:

  1. Mahekal Beach Resort – Beautiful view of the ocean and cute individual cottages, great food and ambiance, but could improve on service and professionalism (they did not have a tooth brush in the entire resort and one night I was stuck outside my door for half an hour because I couldn’t open the lock)
  2. Puerto Adventuras – Highly recommend a boat trip to the open sea. We had great food, drinks and karoake!
  3. Clubbing – Due to recent events at Cancun and Playa del Carmen, we refrained from clubbing downtown. There was a day club conveniently close to our resort though.
  4. Shopping – 5th Avenue is perfect for local handmade goods to buy for friends and family, or as a memory of your trip. Be aware of the people around you (I got hit on by a 35 year old man telling me he wasn’t too old for me 😐 )
  5. Safety – Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and mosquito protectant. And don’t wear your Ray-Bans to the beach and donate them to the ocean waves like I did.

I hope this was useful and you enjoyed my Playa del Carmen travel diaries! Check out part 1 HERE if you haven’t.

Outfit photos courtesy: Nour Bouhou and Stephanie Triplett


Bathing Suit Top: Target
Bathing Suit Bottom: Target
Coverup: Shein


Romper: Shein (similar)
Hat: Revolve
Shoes: Amazon



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